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Cyfnod Allweddol 2/ Key Stage Two

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We are a very busy class with lot's of fun activities going on.
Here are a few pictures just for you to have a peek at what goes on

Classroom Displays!

Rugby with Jack from Dinas Bran

Art -Buildings from different perspectives. Barcelona/Portmeirion

Cymraeg- Chwaraeon

Gymnastics-creating interesting balances on various apparatus with a partner.

European Christmas Exchange 2015

Christmas is Forever 2015

Christmas Biscuits

Christmas Service

Cymraeg Bob Dydd

Physical Education

Maths in the Outdoor area with Year 3

Art-Monet Three Poplars

Design and Technology Project. Come and see our delicious sandwiches!

As part of our TASC week we were given the challenge to design and make a healthy sandwich. It was great fun completing a school survey about favourite sandwich fillings. We recorded our finding in tables and graphs. After designing various ideas and discussing possible changes and improvements to our designs with our client, it was time to design our final idea. 


We had great fun making our sandwiches. We made sure that they looked attractive as well as being healthy. I'm sure you'd agree that they all look super! 


Our favourite part of our challenge was the judging activity. In groups we judged others final sandwiches giving marks out of 10. We marked on various things including taste, appearance, texture etc. It was like being on Master Chef!

Big Write!

What is Big Write? 


Big Write! is when we write independently on a specific genre in absolute silence. 

Every Monday morning we play warm-up games including up-levelling work, editing, sentence work, punctuation activities and many more exciting games to get our brains working. We have competitions in our tables and win house points! It's great fun. (We also play mini games throughout the week in preparation for our Big Write! session. These games focus on openings, punctuation and vocabulary).


Following break time, we enter the classroom which has been rearranged so that we are all sitting in a large rectangle facing a table in the centre of the room; which has a burning candle on it. The lights are dimmed and Mozart is playing softly in the back ground. We sit and write in silence for approximately 45mins. Mrs Wilkinson stops us every 15mins to give us prompts and reminds us to stay focused. 


We really enjoy our Big Write! So far this year we have written poems, stories, letters, instructions and recounts. We would give Big Write 10/10 we think it's awesome! 


Joe, Arun and Nico 



Out of this World Poetry Competition!

In the Autumn Term we took part in the Young Writers Poetry Competition. Our challenge was to write a poem based on a theme of our choice. As a class we decide to write a "Monster Poem" in a narrative style. 


They were so impressed with our entries that we all received a special book mark and our poems will be published in a special book, which will be available for our parents to buy later on in the year. 


Da iawn chi!!!