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Curriculum for Wales 2022.


By now I am sure that you are aware that the new curriculum for Wales will begin and be in place in September 2022. We have been trialling and adapting our current themes and activities for the past year and the staff and the children have enjoyed the changes that have been implemented so far.


The school have been collecting the views of children, parents, staff and Governors for their vision for school which will align with the new curriculum launch in September 2022.


The new curriculum is built on the four purposes of the curriculum for learners to become:


- Ambitious and Capable Learners.

- Enterprising and Creative Contributors.

- Ethically informed Citizens of Wales and the World.

- Healthy and confident individuals.


Underpinning the new curriculum are four key purposes which will be at the heart of learning.  Everything that is taught and learnt at Ysgol Dyffryn Ial will have these Four Purposes as starting points when staff plan for the enriched learning experiences that pupils will receive.


The new areas of the curriculum are known as Areas of Learning and Experiences (AoLE's) which are:

- Health and Wellbeing.

- Science and Technology.

- Language, Literacy and Communication.

- Maths and Numeracy.

- Expressive Arts.

- Humanities.


All of these areas are as important as each other and interlinked. However,

- Language, Literacy and Communication.

- Maths and Numeracy.

- Digital competence,


are to be developed across all areas of the AoLE's.


If you click on the link below it will give you more detail on the new curriculum.




The link below is a short video on the New Curriculum:


On our next page you have a chance to meet Ysgol Dyfffryn Ial's four purpose robots. These were designed by the children. 

Next to the robots are sentences. The sentences are there to help the children understand how to achieve the different four purposes.